Qualia Senolytic, Breakthrough Product That Promotes Senescent Cell Elimination, Sells Out In Weeks

Qualia Senolytic, Breakthrough Product That Promotes Senescent Cell Elimination, Sells Out In Weeks

CARLSBAD, Calif., Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — After launching a breakthrough product to support better aging this summer called Qualia Senolytic, Neurohacker Collective’s CEO James Schmachtenberger finds himself with a good problem to have.

“Senolytic research is just starting to get media attention. Many people still don’t even know what the word means.” states Schmachtenberger. “We knew Qualia Senolytic offered a breakthrough to the market by aggressively promoting senescent cell elimination. But we weren’t sure how many health consumers already realize why that’s relevant to their aging process. But we’re now on backorder just weeks after launch, so clearly the word is getting out about senolytics.”

Qualia Senolytic is a cell rejuvenation regimen with recommended use of just 2 days a month. It contains a blend of polyphenols, herbal tonics, and adaptogens, including clinically researched ingredients such as Fisetin, Quercefit®, SENACTIV®, and six additional research-backed ingredients shown to promote senescent cell elimination.*

Senescent cells, sometimes referred to as “zombie cells”, are cells which accumulate in the human body as we age. They’re characterized by having lost their ability to divide, while still  continuing to live. Over time, the buildup of senescent cells in the body can negatively affect the health of tissues and organs as we age, leading to a wide range of health concerns.*

In 2015, the Mayo Clinic and Scripps published groundbreaking research on a class of dietary ingredients now known as “senolytics”, which in Latin translates as “destroying the old”. Senolytic ingredients appear to support the body’s ability to more readily eliminate senescent cells as we age.*

The formulation of Qualia Senolytic was led by naturopathic physician and Neurohacker’s Senior Director Of Product Development, Dr. Gregory Kelly. Neurohacker’s science team devoted years of research within the emerging field of senolytics before launching Qualia Senolytic earlier this summer.

By promoting senescent cell elimination, Qualia Senolytic helps resist aging at the cellular level by supporting tissue rejuvenation and overall physical function.* It also goes beyond other senolytic products on the market by targeting different types of senescent cells, some of which can be experts at hiding and surviving within the body unless targeted with a very specific and complementary senolytic regimen.

“The feedback we’re getting from our customers is phenomenal”, adds Schmachtenberger. “The sales of Qualia Senolytic are telling us that mainstream demand for senolytics has arrived.”

About Neurohacker:

Neurohacker Collective was founded in 2015 with the mission to advance human quality of life by creating best-in-class well-being products. Neurohacker Collective’s products are radically different because they employ a unique methodology for research and development based on complex systems science. This scientific approach focuses on supporting the body’s ability to self-regulate. The company began with a focus on cognitive products and nootropics with the launch of Qualia Mind and has since developed products to support sleep, longevity, skin, energy, and vision. Learn more about their scientific approach by going to neurohacker.com.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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