People share their stories on overcoming suicidal tendencies

People share their stories on overcoming suicidal tendencies

HYDERABAD: Everyone goes through a turbulent phase. Some people can lean on others and handle stress. Not all are so fortunate. I needed help as I was prone to suicidal thoughts and I was lonely. I felt like quitting my job and excluding myself from society. I spoke about this feeling with my friends, who kept talking to me on the phone as they live in other states. It is hard to manage alone, but I tried to pull myself up every day so that I could stave off the suicidal thoughts. However, this is not a good method. I was advised to go for a walk, workout, clean my room, make my bed and get involved in other creative activities. That helped me to be the person I am now. People still think mental health is not important, but it is.

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I could not focus on work and I did not know what I wanted from life. Everything was confusing and depressing. I didn’t even know I had depression and anxiety till I had constant panic attacks and just ran for a kilometre to calm myself down. I then saw a therapist who treated me with therapy and medication. It has been four years now and I am clear about my goals. My anxiety has almost vanished and I am getting better in fighting depression. I tried calling suicide prevention helpline numbers online and dialled six numbers. None of them picked up my call. It is even more depressing when these helpline numbers mention a time of their working hours which is 9-6. Do people get suicidal thoughts only during those hours?

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I feel extremely lonely even though I live with my father and have a job and friends. He is unaware of it. There is nobody to talk to every day about my problems as I feel they would feel burdened. My friends recommended that I visit a counsellor. Therapy does help but not always. You need to have the money to afford therapy. I am not aware of free counselling sessions. It is difficult to overcome depression which leads to suicidal tendencies. I stress myself out so that I do not feel lonely at night. But I am glad I am able to slowly recover because of my friends who keep checking on me and my therapy sessions that help me open up. It is good to talk to people who understand these issues. They work wonders.

A city resident battling depression and suicidal tendencies.