Martyn Ford’s Muscle-Building Secrets. Everything You Need to Know about His Bodybuilding Routine

Martyn Ford is a well-known bodybuilder, fitness influencer, and internet personality. He also dabbles in acting from time to time. Ford has amassed quite a following online, owing to his beastly physique.

Many of us look up to bodybuilders as a source of inspiration. However, we often think their physiques are unattainable. That cannot be further from the case, though.

Bodybuilders today not only have to work hard day and night to look their best but also use their dedicated platforms to educate their fans and bust myths surrounding the industry.

They are tasked with being honest and transparent about their process and have a responsibility and image to uphold. Ford makes great use of his position, providing workout tips to his viewers and fans. He never compromises on long-term consistency and effort in a world where people look for quick results.

Martyn Ford’s Workout Secrets

Standing 6′ 8″ and weighing over 300 pounds, Martyn Ford is a monster of a man. As such, his workouts tend to be the pinnacle of human strength and ability.

There aren’t many who can match up to him in size or strength, even though his workout principles remain simple. Ford capitalizes on his size and focuses on adding as much mass as he can to his already mountain of a physique.

For his leg days, Martyn Ford prefers a slow decline in rep ranges. He starts with a lighter weight, allowing him to complete more reps easily. As he progresses through his workout, he drops the rep range and increases the weight. That’s done to increase the intensity, which makes him work harder for each rep, giving his muscles a run for their money.

For back days, Ford prefers warming up before his workout by performing the exercises with light weights. That makes his muscles prepped for poundage and ensures he doesn’t tear or pull anything. He does 2-3 sets of each exercise.

On arm days, Ford likes a balanced mix of triceps and biceps, trying to get the best out of each muscle. Perforing cheat or forced reps are what sets you apart from your peers. Those extra few reps at the end of your set can make all the difference.

They maximize the muscular wear and tear, increasing the hypertrophy that follows. Another great purpose they can serve is getting rid of plateuas. After training at a steady rep range for a while, we tend to get acclimatized. That results in us becoming comfortable with a certain rep range and weight. Extra reps can break that mould, helping you work past your plateau.


Martyn Ford exhibits insane strength and grit, alongside his consistency and passion to keep getting stronger.

For his height and size, it comes as no surprise that his workouts would literally annihilate any normal person. However, they can serve as a template or a fresh challenge for those looking to spice up their workouts or simply do better in the gym.

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