How to deal with skin pigmentation after 40

How to deal with skin pigmentation after 40

Skin pigmentation after 40 is one of the most common concerns of women. Earlier, in-clinic skin treatments were not as common but lately, more and more women have started opting for them. Contrary to popular belief, in-clinic treatments like microblading, modern aesthetic skin rejuvenation treatments, and skin upliftment treatments are not only safe but also medically tested and approved. The only factor to consider is to do proper research on what your skin needs and who to get the treatment from.

One such treatment for age-related skin pigmentation is multimodality aesthetic skin rejuvenation plan. Try out these therapies with the right guidance.

Moisturizing the skin might sound very simple but in reality, it is difficult to achieve the optimum adequate functional hydration in the skin once you enter your 40s. Well-hydrated skin is where all cells are fully hydrated. These hydrated cells have the capacity to repair and keep skin healthy which by definition means to have an even skin tone and texture which is adequately hydrated, firm, smooth, and elastic. As we age skin gets uneven, dull, and dry and it starts to lose elasticity which results in poor skin texture and pigmentation. Apart from ageing, there are several other factors that contribute to pigmentation like pollution, lack of sleep, inadequate nutrition, stress, and poor skin genetics. It is important to take care of your skin every day to maintain healthy skin that glows from within. Healthy skin is less prone to pigmentation.

There are several skin treatments available in the market that commit to restoring your skin’s lost texture and glow but only a few deliver on that promise. You can research and opt for various advanced aesthetic techniques to suit your skin. One such treatment is the multimodality aesthetic skin rejuvenation plan that has delivered optimum results to a majority of people.

This treatment works by stimulating the skin cells and giving them adequate hydration and nourishment. This is done by directly depositing the product on the skin in microdroplets by placing them deep into the skin with the help of tiny needles. The needles venture into the deep layers of skin crossing the skin barriers and delivering the nutrients into the skin which reverts the changes in the skin due to aging.

Inputs by Dr. Geeta Grewal
Cosmetic surgeon Anti-aging, beauty and wellness expert.