January 27, 2022


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Community: Montgomery Museum explores “The Altering Faces of Magnificence” | Arts & Theatre

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What will make a woman beautiful? Society’s answer improved significantly involving 1870 and 1970. For greater or worse, our visual appeal communicates a thing to the individuals around us. As cultural attitudes and codes of morality transformed, so did the criteria of splendor. The instruments, merchandise and techniques that were utilized to generate the suitable search notify the tales of women’s day by day life, cultural attitudes about gender and race, and the empowerment of girls.

“Attractive: The Transforming Faces of Natural beauty and Cosmetics, 1870-1970,” the new exhibit now mounted at the Montgomery Museum of Art & Heritage, explores these ideas by an array of historic cosmetics and splendor aids.

1 challenge the show explores is the financial value of the natural beauty marketplace for ladies. A display of rarely viewed artifacts on bank loan from Christiansburg Institute Inc. tells the tale of the youthful gals at the institute who took cosmetology as element of their vocational schooling. Their coursework could deliver a usually means to a viable occupation.

More illustrating the story of natural beauty attitudes and procedures are adverts, hair treatment devices and equipment, period of time images and cosmetics deals.

From the affect of the shifting picture field to the idea of gals exhibiting their patriotism by means of their purple lipstick, the exhibit raises the problem: was the increase in cosmetics empowering to gals or did it exacerbate the angle that a woman’s worth was only in her overall look?

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