Chester Skin & Wellness Offers Rejuvenation Services

Chester Skin & Wellness Offers Rejuvenation Services

At Chester Skin & Wellness, their focus is on ‘Rejuvenation’. This means offering holistic concierge, wellness, and aesthetic medical services so patients can fully realize their wellness potential. In particular, the practice – which serves New Jersey and New York – focuses on preventing and treating disease and aging.

Chester Skin & Wellness is able to offer a unique perspective on patient care. Their team is made up of physicians and practitioners with extensive experience caring for both critically ill and healthy patients; in both inpatient and outpatient settings. So it’s fitting the practice is housed in a space previously serving as a doctor’s office.

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Welcome to Wellness

Services at Chester Skin & Wellness include Botox, dermal fillers, microneedling, Kybella, medical grade chemical peels, BBL, facials, and hair restoration. “Our goal is to customize each and every treatment to specifically address each patient’s concern, skin type, current health condition, and desired aesthetic outcome,” says Deborah Petrowsky, MD, who works at the facility. The clinic combines cutting-edge techniques and technologies with tried-and-true experience in healthcare to achieve optimal results. Click here to see their full list of services.

Dr. Petrowsky describes the interior as having tranquil and relaxing décor. She was already living and working in Chester, practicing cosmetic medicine, prior to opening Chester Skin & Wellness; which made opening an office in town an easy choice for the team. “My associates and I felt that there was an unmet need for our services; and my prior patients were asking about it,” she says.

Dr. Petrowsky
Dr. Petrowsky

The Team at Chester Skin & Wellness

All physicians and practitioners are trained, licensed, and experienced in the treatments they provide. Of course, they custom tailor each treatment to fit every type of person, schedule, and lifestyle. They encourage anyone curious to come in for a consultation. “Chester Skin & Wellness provides a holistic skin rejuvenation and aesthetic experience; where we go above and beyond to offer the best in aesthetic medicine and day spa,” Dr. Petrowsky says.

The office is led by a team of board-certified medical practitioners and cosmetic professionals. The entire team of physicians has combined expertise in cosmetic and therapeutic medicine. “We can help you achieve the best treatment outcome for your health and beauty needs,” Dr. Petrowsky assures.

Meanwhile, the team works hard to stay on top of the latest techniques and technologies. For instance, they regularly attend training and seminars about new techniques and procedures. “This enables us to offer the latest and most advanced treatments to our patients,” Dr. Petrowsky explains. In addition, they can offer those high-quality services in a way that fits any schedule. That means Chester Skin & Wellness offers both in-clinic and at-home options.

Chester Skin & Wellness is open at 415 Route 24, Suite #1, in Chester Township. (Click here to see them on Google Maps.) To learn more: Click here to visit their website | Follow them on Instagram | Click here to give them a call.

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Chester Skin & Wellness Offers Rejuvenation Services