Brighter Smiles for Those Short on Time

Brighter Smiles for Those Short on Time

Smiling is the universal signal of happiness, but many cover their grins up out of insecurity. Whether it’s a life-long love of red wine or just too many cups of coffee that day, smiling when it feels like your smile isn’t at its brightest can be hard. Even still, who has time to make a whitening appointment at the dentist and pay the hefty bill after?

Thankfully, Snow has teeth whiteners to fit any schedule and budget. Whether it’s a bright smile to boost your confidence level before a big date or you’ve made a resolution to have a bright smile by the holidays, Snow has a package to fit your lifestyle and your smile. Here’s four whitening products that go from quick results to long-term care. Then you won’t have to cover your mouth for a laugh or try to sneak away when it’s picture time this holiday season. You’ll be ready and excited to showcase your grin in every room you enter.

The Magic Whitening Strips

Who hasn’t tried a whitening strip? They slip and slide and rarely feel like they’ve made a noticeable difference. Then there’s all that funky tasting goo in your mouth that doesn’t taste like it’s safe to swallow. It’s a mess. Snow’s Magic Whitening Strips have the secret ingredient: patented P3 Technology that they claim whitens more effectively than other dissolvable white strips. Not only are these strips gone in 15 minutes, they have a pleasant lavender mint flavor so those 15 minutes don’t feel like 15 hours. There’s 28 strips in a box, but you’ll start seeing results after only three. All of that makes these perfect for slipping in your purse or pocket in case of emergencies.

LED Whitening Electric Toothbrush

True whitening results take time so why not bake it into something that you already do everyday? While you’re brushing to prevent cavities, Snow’s toothbrush has an LED light to simultaneously give your mouth a whitening treatment. This toothbrush changes to fit your plans for the day with four different settings: Clean, Whiten, Polish, and Sensitive. You’ll leave your bathroom feeling like you’ve had a fresh cleaning at the dentist without sitting in the waiting room for longer than you were in the chair.

Whitening Toothpaste (Six Tubes)

Get the full Snow brushing experience with the Whitening Toothpaste. Snow was so dedicated to creating a toothpaste packed with whitening power that it took 17 months to get the formulation just right. The best part about Snow’s toothpaste is the different flavors designed around the time of day you brush. There’s a minty fresh flavor for the morning, so your mouth feels bright and clean, and a gentle lavender mint flavor perfect for the end of the day. Both tackle the daily stains from all the coffee, tea, and wine you love and while remaining gentle on your enamel.

At Home Teeth Whitening Kit

It’s a classic for a reason and put Snow on the map. With over five thousand five-star reviews, the At Home Teeth Whitening Kit delivers a professional-level whitening treatment while you lounge on the couch. The kit comes equipped with the famous mouthpiece and three whitening serums. If you’ve got a big event coming up, there’s one extra-strength serum for ultra-fast results, too.

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