Area doctors team up to build new Corunna medical centre

Area doctors team up to build new Corunna medical centre

Four area doctors have partnered to construct a new medical centre in Corunna.

In an interview with Sarnia News Today, Dr. Mike Rondinelli said the St. Clair Medical Centre will be 25,000 square feet and built at the corner of Hill and Murray Streets.

“I work as a dentist,” said Rondinelli. “I have a clinic in Sarnia, and I also have a clinic in Corunna. So, I teamed up with Dr. Alan Poole, my partner there, he’s a dentist as well, and I actually went to high school with Dr. Matthew Clifford and his partner Dr. Jason Hall, in the medical centre right next door to our Corunna dental clinic. We all got together one day and purchased this property.”

He said the site, which includes the former Murray Street School, will be completely transformed.

“That school has been vacant for a lot of years now, and really, it hasn’t been taken care of the way we would like. It’s such a busy corner, and a busy area, so it’s been a bit of an eyesore for the community and the Corunna community is growing and so when it went for sale, probably about a year and a half ago, we purchased it.”

Area doctors team up to build new Corunna medical centre

(An artist rendering of the new St. Clair Medical Centre planned in Corunna. Image courtesy of Dr. Mike Rondinelli.)

Multiple services will be offered in the new medical centre.

“There will be medical doctors, about five of them, general family doctors,” Dr. Rondinelli said. “There will be a dental clinic, Bluewater Hearing will be there, we have a radiologist lined up, we’re working on a blood lab, we’ll have mental health services and our anchor tenant will be Hogan Pharmacy.”

He admits they’ve had some delays, but said the group is hoping the project is completed by late summer, or early fall, of next year.

Work to clean up the site and get it ready for construction is expected to start soon.

“We’re going to begin the lengthy remediation process in the safest way possible for the community and then tear down that school and the two residential houses beside it. We’re going to be starting that process at the end of the summer, going into the fall.”

While many of the spaces in the building are already spoken for, Dr. Rondinelli said there is room for a few more tenants.

“We are still pre-leasing space. We’ve allowed for a few extra spare units. We’re trying to stay with the medical theme, so if there’s any chiropractors or any other health related professions that would be looking for space, we’d be happy to have you.”

Area doctors team up to build new Corunna medical centre